Monday, January 24, 2011

cleaning a soleplate

Since I have been ironing gobs of interfacing to various fabrics 
and recently tried out the ol' freezer paper template idea (more on 
that later) with no barrier between my iron and the wax that
melted out around the edges, I found myself in need of soleplate
cleaning. I was nervous about this, because my iron was more
expensive than any I've ever used before (it won't be replaced
any time soon), so I did some research. I found a product that gets pretty
good reviews, but my motto of late has been "work with what you have."
So in the end, I just whipped up a thick paste of baking powder
and water, rubbed it on with a damp paper towel, and then moved
on to the scrubby side of my kitchen sponge to finish. 
This cleared up most of the sticky spots and just left me 
with a little powder residue in the steam holes. I cleaned them out 
with a toothpick, and she looks about as good as new!

Friday, January 21, 2011

fun fabric pairings

I recently bought some new fabric for upcoming bag projects. 
It's all washed up and ready to sew. 
I just love to see these things come together!