Wednesday, October 13, 2010

inset zipper success

I just learned how to install an "inset zipper" in a bag lining!
This means that the opening floats in the middle of a piece
of fabric without additional seams around it. The zipper
just discreetly points the way to a little, hidden pocket.
 To get here, I followed Lisa Lam's tutorial. Very helpful
and clear, as is everything she writes on
Thanks, Lisa!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

guess what came in the mail today!

You got it! 
Like I said, it's very basic.
But I think it'll make for cute fabric labels.

I'm tempted to go around the house stamping everything
to see what my little logo looks like on each surface....
This stamp-making thing could be addictive.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

logo development

Hello, friends! Welcome to my new blog!!
As I weather this journey of starting my etsy shop, I thought it would be fun 
(on my friend Julie's recommendation) to include you in the adventure.
This process turns out to be more involved than I anticipated and is also 
complicated by my own fears and perfectionistic tendencies. But here we go!

I have officially named my little (eensy weensy) shop "Seneca Street Studios."
In the interest of getting things moving along, I have been working to develop
a temporary logo. Pictured above are samples I scanned into the computer
to work with. On Monday, I ordered a stamp of the shop name from for making tags and labels. It should come any day now!