Sunday, May 15, 2011

diaper clutch for laura

I've enjoyed sewing up these diaper clutches as gifts lately --
this one is for my husband's sister-in-law, whose baby is due
soon. Congratulations, Laura and Wes!!
It's so fun to see the effect that different fabrics have.
My favorite bit on this rendition is how the fabric pattern 
on the flap lines up with the body of the bag underneath.
And here's a peak at the liner fabric. Isn't that just yummy?!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

batman hood

 This is a batman hood made from McCall's Pattern
number 5952. It will eventually have a mask and cape
to match. I made it for a friend's son who is not 
quite so skinny as this particular model, so hopefully
he will fill out the hood a bit more! I would normally
line it in black, but I figured that in this color, with a pair 
of goggles, it could reverse into a vintage pilot's hood. 
Anyway, this pattern sews up easily and is extremely
versatile for super-hero costumes/dress-up!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

some more sewing

This little bag was commissioned by a friend.
It's made of pinstriped suiting fabric, so it has a nice drape to it.
This d-ring is for holding her carabiner key ring.
It's my favorite part of this particular bag.
I turned the bag inside out to get pics of the interior pockets.
That pocket you see on the left is to hold a water bottle upright.
And the center pocket is for business cards.