Wednesday, October 6, 2010

logo development

Hello, friends! Welcome to my new blog!!
As I weather this journey of starting my etsy shop, I thought it would be fun 
(on my friend Julie's recommendation) to include you in the adventure.
This process turns out to be more involved than I anticipated and is also 
complicated by my own fears and perfectionistic tendencies. But here we go!

I have officially named my little (eensy weensy) shop "Seneca Street Studios."
In the interest of getting things moving along, I have been working to develop
a temporary logo. Pictured above are samples I scanned into the computer
to work with. On Monday, I ordered a stamp of the shop name from for making tags and labels. It should come any day now!


  1. Love the name! Looks like fun, I'm glad you're keeping us updated.