Sunday, May 1, 2011

some more sewing

This little bag was commissioned by a friend.
It's made of pinstriped suiting fabric, so it has a nice drape to it.
This d-ring is for holding her carabiner key ring.
It's my favorite part of this particular bag.
I turned the bag inside out to get pics of the interior pockets.
That pocket you see on the left is to hold a water bottle upright.
And the center pocket is for business cards. 


  1. so cute! Is the pattern from that book?

  2. Thanks! Actually, the pattern is from Fig Tree & Co., "Satchel for 2":

    The original pattern is completely reversible, which I love.
    I customized the interior of the one pictured above, however, so it has zippered pockets but is no longer reversible.