Wednesday, January 11, 2012 review

 After snooping around for some time now on,
I recently had opportunity to place an order with them.
I thought I'd post a little review about my experience for those
of you who were thinking about doing the same! offers free shipping on orders over $35.
I was curious to see how the fabric would be shipped --
I had some laminated cottons in the order, and they're
not supposed to be folded. I was quite happy to receive 
them all rolled up (as you can see here) on tubes, even
though they were only 1/2 yard lengths.
 The thing I love most about is that they
carry coordinated fabrics. I can't tell you how many
times I've spent way-too-long at JoAnn Fabrics searching 
for a lining that perfectly complemented the exterior of a 
bag. The fabric designs are also often available in varying 
finishes, such as cotton, satin, corduroy, flannel, and/or 
laminated cotton. This makes coordinating multiple projects a snap!
 Here's a little grouping I chose from the Michael Miller collection.
The laminated cotton bicycle print (which was also available in a 
very tempting flannel) coordinates perfectly with the 2 cotton prints! Yay!
 ...And here's a perfectly matched selection from Amy Butler's line.
The web interface at groups fabrics by designer,
whose collections often run by specific color palettes. 
However, once a fabric is selected, it also shows
suggestions for similar or coordinating fabrics. An
"add to design wall" button allows the user to post his own
fabric selections next to each other and see how they flow.
Finally, the search feature on the website retrieves
fabric designs based on a number of factors, such as
type of fabric, color, and image (i.e. "owls" or "polka dots").

So there you have it! If you've been wanting to order fabric
online but haven't given it a go yet, try --
[from my single-sample study, I predict that]
you won't be disappointed!!

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