Sunday, March 18, 2012

how to remove grease pencil from laminated cotton

 One method of cutting out pattern pieces involves marking
around the pattern (preferably cut from oak tag or thick
manila paper) in chalk or grease pencil (a.k.a. china marker)
and then cutting just inside these lines.
However, if the pattern piece turns out to be misplaced,
how does one remove these marks from laminated cotton?
 Fingernail polish works, but the scrubbing 
it requires can stretch the laminate out, leaving 
permanent puckers in the cotton fabric.
A quick once-over with Goo Gone does the job, though,
and has no effect on the laminate's shiny finish. Follow
this application by wiping down the fabric with a water-dampened
cloth to remove the scent of the Goo Gone as well as any greasy residue.

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