Wednesday, March 21, 2012

interfacing laminated cotton

 Since sewing with laminated cotton is all new to me,
I thought I'd post my discoveries here as I go along.
Feel free to comment from your own experience with
this unusual fabric -- I'd love to hear your ideas!
Okay... so, laminated cotton cannot be ironed directly,
as the plastic would melt to the iron or board. That said,
it CAN be ironed indirectly. The pattern I'm currently
using calls for fabric to be interfaced with fusible fleece.
The important thing here is to place the laminated cotton
WRONG SIDE UP, with the fusible fleece ON TOP.
Cover with a pressing cloth (either damp or spritzed with
water) and press. Hold the iron firmly, pressing down on
the fabric, for the shorter length of time given on the 
interfacing instructions. For my sample, this was ten seconds.
 Above is the result when the fabric was placed directly
(face down) on my ironing board. As you can see, the
metal grid of the board is embossed slightly on the
laminate. It doesn't change the finish at all, just the shape.
This is the result of ironing with a pressing cloth under
the laminate as well as on top of the fleece. The extra layer 
protects the fabric from the underlying shapes coming through. 
However, some lumps and even a bit of a crease line still show here. 
My recommendation is to go with one flat piece of fabric under 
the stack of layers if your ironing board is not well padded.

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