Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the most rustic bag


Just before leaving on our family vacation to Oregon, I wrapped up

a few sewing projects I had been working on. This particular bag was

a new version of one I had made before, but this time I experimented with

a new technique for attaching the lining. Unfortunately, speed and

experimentation don't at all go hand in hand, and I found myself at the

one week deadline with a fully lined and pocketed strip of fabric which was,

in fact, not a bag at all. I resigned myself to finish it by folding the thing

in half and sewing the seams on the outside (yes, an audible gasp from

the audience is fully appropriate here), which also entailed breaking

every one of my last remaining sewing machine needles (fully lined and

interfaced burlap is pretty darn hardy) and reverting to upholstery thread.

I delivered the bag with the disclaimer that if my friend would like

to throw it away and await my return from vacation,

I would happily whip up another while sustaining no offense.

However, this particular friend is not shy about sporting "shabby chic"

accessories. She has embraced said bag fully without complaint.

So there you go.

This is truly the most rustic bag I've ever made.

But there can even be beauty in that.



  1. AWWWW the pictures are gorgeous! I don't know Sue - I think this one might be the cutest one yet :)

  2. Ha ha! I'm glad you like it, Layne!!