Friday, June 22, 2012

new clutch design

As I've now given several Grab 'n' Go diaper clutches to friends,
we've discovered that they work great with disposable diapers
and not well with cloth diapers. So I spent some time in May
designing a new diaper clutch pattern -- one that would have a front
flap closure which allows for fabric matching, plenty of internal
space for two cloth diapers + wipes and changing pad, and a
zipped wet bag pocket for bringing dirty diapers back home.
The challenge was adding all these features and maintaining a sleek shape!
My first attempt, above, came out too saggy with the zip pocket
in the front wall of the bag. The sides of the bag also needed shaping.
For the second attempt, I angled the sides to curve in
slightly toward the top. I also mirrored this shape in the flap.
Finally, I changed the zipped pocket to an inset zipper
and added a waterproof inner lining (polyurethane laminate)
which can be untucked for easy washing.
The final (third) round ended up getting an inch taller and
two inches longer. I don't have photos of it with me in Oregon,
so I'll have to post it when we get home next week!


  1. You are a genius!! I've always eyed diaper clutches when seeing them, but then quickly reminded myself that it wouldn't work for cloth. Please let me know if you plan to sell them, I'd love to buy one!

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  3. Thanks, Abby! I know you're the guru of cloth diapers!! I intend to stock these in my theoretical etsy shop... hopefully starting this fall. I'll also start sewing up custom orders again after this summer's meanderings, so we can talk!!