Tuesday, October 30, 2012

boy jammies

My children are growing at alarming rates these days.
In fact, the pajamas Elliott received for his birthday a year ago
are now a good six inches too short. Since he is sproinging
out of jammies, I thought I'd sew some up myself
for the winter, extra long, so that they can be
easily lengthened over the coming months.
I found a unisex pattern, Simplicity #3935, with child to adult
sizes. The pants sewed up super easy. However, I had to adjust the
opening on the shirt to accomodate Elliott's realistically sized cranium.
My seven-year-old picked out his own fabric, as you can see.
After I took the photo above, I realized that they were effectively
camouflaged into the background greenery!
So here's another photo to show a little more detail.

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