Friday, November 9, 2012

girl jammies

 Here's a snap of the girl jammies I finished last weekend (after being
worn several times and tossed in the laundry). Ashton opted for short sleeves 
and shorts, which is the fun of being able to customize a pattern.
I find the difference in the fabrics they picked quite hilarious.

What has also been funny about this whole experience is that 
at the start, I thought I would save money by sewing my kids' pajamas.
After buying the pattern on sale (for $1) and picking up the fabric
at half off, I still walked out the door with thirty dollars worth of
"now I still have ten hours of cutting and sewing ahead of me."

Were they worth it? The fact that I'm scheming up coordinating sets of 
jammies so they can be mixed and matched with these, as well as thinking,
"what if we made the pants out of old modal sheets (sooo softy!)"
or "a strip of velvet ribbon would be nice on the neckline" 
makes me think that probably they were.

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